Proofreading your projects, making them perfect.

Communications skills are one of the most important skills a company needs to reach its true potential. Websites, articles, Press releases, Help files are only a few examples of the way your company communicates with your customers. Those documents are viewed by thousands of people, you cannot afford to let a mistake in them, or else your company will suffer from this mistake for not being as professionnal as it should. Do not let that happen, and let us review, proofread your documents in French.

Need proofreading in other European languages?

Although we do not offer this service per se, we are happy to get you in touch with other European native freelance proofreaders we know. Jaoul Translations will not be responsible of any proofreading done by another reviewer than Madeleine Jaoul, and only offers to be a networking solution for you and other proofreaders. Contact us to talk about it.

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